Elizabeth Sampat is an award-winning game designer and activist. At work, she designs blockbuster titles that are played by millions of fans every day; when she comes home, she crafts personal games that are intimate, revealing, and push the boundaries of the relationship between game and player.

In her spare time, Elizabeth also works to make the industry she loves a better place for women and marginalized people. She was on the IGDA Women In Games steering committee for two years; Marie Claire called her "The Game Changer" when they named her one of "20 Women Changing The Ratio" in male-dominated industries.

Elizabeth's personal work has been in the LA Times and on Rock Paper Shotgun, and her advocacy and talks have been covered on Polygon, Kotaku, The Escapist, and more. She's also an accomplished writer outside of the game industry, and was a regular contributor at The Yearbook Office. Her book Empathy Engines: Design Games That Are Personal, Political, And Profound was released in early 2017.

She is kind of a feminist, and definitely trouble.


Subway Surfers, Game Design Department Lead, SYBO Games

Plants Vs Zombies 2, Senior Designer, PopCap

Castle Story, Senior Creative Designer, Storm8

Kingdom Clash, Senior Creative Designer, Storm8

Ghost Recon: Commander, Designer, Loot Drop

Fallen London, Freelance Writer